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Subscription billing for  security and alarm companies

The eLabs platform automates invoicing, billing, and payments to drive recurring revenue growth and customer satisfaction.
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How we support security billing

Security industry expertise

We’ve provided subscription billing to security companies for more than a decade. We have the expertise to make billing a key part of your growth engine.

Reliable, accurate billing every time

eLabs ensures all your invoices and bills are accurately processed and delivered. We'll make sure that you're paid faster and late payments are reduced.

Automated invoicing, billing, & payments

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming work. eLabs automates and streamlines key processes and drives customer satisfaction.

Customizable and flexible

Our subscription billing platform can be customized to meet your business goals and deliver a better customer experience.

Power your growth and subscription billing

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What eLabs delivers for security companies

Real-time reporting and analytics 

Customized dashboards deliver data-driven insight into revenue, new subscribers and activations to account receivables, churn, and much more.

Payments Processing

eLabs processes all payments through credit cards and ACH. It flags expired credit cards, inactive credit cards, inactive bank accounts and sends invoices for collection.

Seamless integrations 

eLabs integrates into accounting, CRM (Salesforce, Maximizer), payment processing (Moneris, T-Sys, Ingenico), accounting (QuickBooks, Sage), and OSS platforms. 

PCI Compliant 

Do business with confidence. eLabs is compliant with software platforms, payment cards, service organizations, and cybersecurity to ensure the safety of your data.

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Why Managed Billing Services?

With managed billing services you can eliminate billing headaches and complexities and focus on the core of your business. While our team of billing experts creates and integrates a tailor-made billing solution perfect for your business including:
Execution and quality-control of billing runs by a billing expert team
Meetings each month to discuss any changes or updates to billing
Analysis of billing data by a dedicated data analyst
Team of enterprise software developers to integrate into any back office systems
Fully customizable platform that adapts to your needs
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