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 Meet eLabs: Simple, Dynamic,   Secure.

During our 20 years of service, we have listened to our customers and created a platform that supports all your billing and operational needs. Whether it be simple subscription billing or complex usage tracking, eLabs has you covered.
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Accelerate your subscription business with eLabs

Built for the subscription economy

Built for the subscription economy

We have 20+ years of subscription billing experience. We support many subscription models, and manage customer activations and new product launches in real-time.
Real-time data analytics

Real-time analytics & reporting

Customized dashboards deliver real-time insight into the KPIs that matter, everything from monthly revenue, lifetime value and account receivables to churn, late payments, and credit card declines.

Automated invoicing, billing, & payments

Improve operating efficiencies and higher profits by reducing manual and error-prone processes. eLabs automatically processses and delivers bills to boost cash flow and enhance customer satisfaction.
Instant customer service

Quickly launch new subscription offers

Seize on new growth opportunites. eLabs offers the flexibility to enable subscription offers, powered by onboarding, plan management and integrations with accounting, CRM and payment systems.

How eLabs delivers for your business


eLabs can be customized to meet your specific subscription billing needs. eLabs is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is an enterprise-grade platform that powers your fast-scaling subscription business.
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Seamless, painless integrations

eLabs quickly integrates into your custom systems. It supports ERP, CRM, finance, Web portals, provisioning systems, payment gateways, and merchant accounts.

Data quality control

eLabs ensures accuracy before bills are published. We track and study customer behaviors and segment them. You can use these insights to create targeted marketing messages, promotions, and special offers.
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Contract management

Contracts are the cornerstone for any subscription business; binding documents for customers. Contract management is a key “make or break” component for any company.

Multi-currency support

Bills can be presented and converted into different currencies to normalize reports for the presentation layer eLabs delivers multi-currency reporting, dashboards, and revenue recognition.
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Enhanced security

You can deploy eLabs in either a private cloud or on-premises. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption and biometric authentication to ensure the security of all sensitive information and payments.
Michael DeMille
Their experience and expertise have been instrumental in planning & developing our solution, especially with respect to Invoicing and Reporting. These are critical areas to ensure proper cashflow, collections, commissions and planning. The team at eLabs brings a wealth of knowledge not only on the technical content side, but also with Processes.
Adrian Carmichael
It was a big problem for us to manage complex SaaS subscription billing. It stopped being an issue when we partnered with eLabs two years ago. They mapped our product life cycle, connected to our back end, and took over billing of all contracts and services in six weeks. Managed billing service works great for us!
Andrei Fomitchev
For over five years, we've trusted eLabs with billing our subscriptions, and the results have been excellent. They provided an easy-to-use flexible and accurate platform, while their support team always ensures that integration with our back end works smoothly. We managed to triple our subscription portfolio under eLabs management.
John Chapman
President and CEO, GlobalOne
eLabs has been an important part of the success of Global One since the very first day! This powerful platform provides my team with instant visibility to key metrics necessary to effectively manage the company. As well, eLabs is a critical tool that allows GlobalOne to provide our customers with outstanding services. The professional team at eLabs is dedicated to the success of GlobalOne.
Chris Stange
CFO, SecureCom Wireless
It has been a pleasure to work with eLabs team for over 10 years. They are quick to respond with solutions that work. eLabs’ billing allows to maximize cash flow and minimize billing/collection efforts we love how easy it is to use.
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