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Manage subscription relationships

Track and manage subscriptions through the entire customer life cycle. Reduce churn, increase lifetime value, and build stronger relationships.

Relationship management made easy

Customer relationships extend beyond signup and continue throughout the customer's lifetime. With eLabs, you can track renewals, changes in plans, personalized pricing, and promotional offers. 

As your business grows, eLabs manages subscription activity in a central location, ensuring that everything is logged and nothing is lost.

Offer a simple signup process

Make the signup process easier to reduce friction and encourage new customers. New customers can sign up multiple ways: 
Easily customize public signup pages that are PCI compliant and responsive to any device
Easily integrate our API with existing signup or shopping cart processes.

Better customer service starts with a well-equipped team

Give your team access to a complete view of customer relationships. Staff and customers will appreciate the convenience.

Manage Relationships

Access plan changes, billing history, current balances, renewal dates, active coupons, notes, and much more.

Subscription Modifications

Edit customer details and billing information, change plans, and modify component quantities or prices.

Billing Adjustments

Adjust balances, apply discounts, process refunds, and record external payments.

Process Charges

Create one-time charges that can be processed either immediately or on the next scheduled billing cycle.

Self-service options for your customers

The Billing Portal allows customers to upgrade and downgrade their products, review their billing history, and manage their accounts. Billing Portals from eLabs can be customized or used directly out of the box - no coding is required.
Maintain communication with your clients
Automation of email communication ensures customers get the information they need at the right time during every phase of a product's lifecycle. Templates can be highly customized to convey your company’s brand.
Monitor changes to subscriptions and revenue
With Revenue Alerts, you can set revenue thresholds to receive real-time emails and in-app notifications to stay on top of high-value conversions, revenue growth or contraction, and churn risks.
Proforma invoicing for your customers
Improve the customer experience by showing a preview of their next invoice. It allows customers to review and correct errors before they are billed.

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