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Managed Billing Services by eLabs

Subscription Billing
Management Made Simple
Eliminate errors, late billing runs, and unhappy customers while saving money and time. eLabs is a billing and payments platform that automates your payment collection and supports a suite of pricing model
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Bespoke Billing Solution

We provide bespoke billing management solutions for businesses rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. You get all the benefits of custom billing software at a fraction of the cost.
White glove support
available 24/7
Quality Controlled Billing Runs
Quality Controlled
Billing Runs
Recurring meetings your billing account manager
White glove support
available 24/7
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Tailored billing solutions

With eLabs' billing management, you can simplify your billing operations. Our hybrid model combines the power of our billing software with the experience of our billing experts. eLabs’ managed billing solution handles every aspect of your day-to-day billing operations. Meaning you can focus on the core functions of your business.

eLabs Vs. competitors

Optimized for your business
Flexibility & Scalability
Painless integration with all back-office services
Full control over your data
White glove support
Strategic support from a consultative partner
25 years of delivering billing solutions

eLabs Vs Your In-House Billing

Lower upfront capital investments
Faster speed to market
Continually updated leading edge security protocols
Compliance certainty
24/7 support from an experienced team
Billing experience needs years to accumulate, your in house solution will take years to refine.
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Additional Features

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

We'll help you turn your analytics into valuable action steps you can use to ignite sales and make better business decisions with a dedicated data analyst from eLabs.
Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Create, view or cancel customer subscriptions. Manage and modify customer billing frequencies, methods and amounts quickly, accurately and efficiently. Ability to enjoy historical agreement on renewal rates. (grandfather in plans)
Customizable Billing Models

Customizable Billing Models

eLabs support all billing models, from simple recurring charges to complex usage-based billing. Enjoy the flexibility to bill your way.
Reduce Churn

Reduce Churn

Minimize churn, bad debts, and improper cancellation with our with eLabs
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Integrate in your backbone

eLabs will tightly connect into your back office operation including CRM, ERP , customer portal, order processing, order provisioning, Enterprise BI, payment gateway, and other components that your infrastructure might have.

We will access your data in real time and make sure billing is accurate, as well as, feedback to your system important billing outcomes - service deactivation, account suspensions ,additional charge notification, high usage alert

Perfect Bespoke Billing - Fully Managed with white glove support.

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