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Dunning Management

Improve cash flow by reducing churn due to late or failed payments
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Prevent payment failures before they happen

You can customize emails based on events, such as the end of a trial, renewal notices, and credit card expiration notifications to prevent failed transactions.
Send end-of-trial emails to customers, particularly if a customer’s billing information is needed. 
Customize upcoming renewal notices to remind customers that their account is about to renew.
Enable customers to receive email notifications of upcoming credit card expirations and the option to update their credit card information.

Past due customers should be contacted

When a payment is unsuccessful, don’t give up. Set up retry logic to keep trying if the payment fails. 

A Dunning strategy involves notifying customers when transactions fail, and accounts are past due. eLabs allows you to schedule and customize multiple emails to re-engage and reclaim these accounts.

Customize the cancellation policy

A robust strategy may not be enough to get some customers to respond to dunning. Once an account is considered "past due," cancellation will occur after a defined number of days. 

Send a customized cancellation email explaining the actions taken and the features that will be unavailable. In addition to providing information about how to reactivate their accounts, offer incentives to help change their minds.

Keep track of past due accounts.

eLabs' reporting allows you to view and export subscriptions that have entered the Dunning process. It is important to identify at-risk accounts, so your sales or customer success team can reach out to them beyond what the system offers.

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