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How SecureCom Simplified Their Invoicing

SecureCom Needed A Partner To Help Get Their Billing Into The 21st Century
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“It has been a pleasure to work with the eLabs team for over 10 years. They are quick to respond with solutions that work. eLabs’ billing allows to maximize cash flow and minimize billing/collection efforts. We love how easy it is to use.”
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About SecureCom

SecureCom Wireless provides a single source for affordable digital wireless communication. We facilitate network or cellular communication to various hardware products, including security systems, IOT devices, and automation gateways.

The Challenge

It was outdated and not cost-effective to connect security panels to a central station using phone lines, and to top it off, communication was unstable - an integral part of security panels.

SecureCom decided to fix this by switching their security panels from these traditional landlines to GSM SIM chips. 

While this solved most of their technological problems, they soon found their entire accounting department and operation team preoccupied with validating monthly bills, minimizing revenue leaks, and billing in a timely manner. 

The Solution

Within days of partnering with eLabs, we introduced our operation support system to automate SIM card provisioning, activation and deactivation. While simultaneously migrating their historical data into their new billing system. 

In addition, our team of billing consultants worked hand in hand with the SecureCom team to normalize their business plans, simplify their offers, and implement new billing plans. Leaving SecureCom with a streamlined and automated billing process. 

Within 2 months, SecureCom’s operational and accounting team was able to rest easy knowing their bill runs would be accurate, free of revenue leaks, and most importantly timely. 

The Benefits

With a better and more efficient invoicing and billing platform for its portfolio of services, SecureCom now has more flexibility to launch services on a one-time or recurring basis. 

The robust dash-boarding features within the eLabs platform provides the management team with critical data.

Lastly, SecureCom has built greater trust and loyalty through their customers, thanks to more accurate, more transparent and timelier billing. 

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