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Subscription Billing is Easy Until it Isn't

Mark Evans
November 26, 2021

In the beginning, a subscription business is easy, relatively speaking.

You offer one or a small number of products at a specific price and cadence.

For example, a monthly bacon subscription for $50.

But what happens when you want to do promotions?

Let’s say that you want to offer a discounted monthly price, or reduced prices for different periods of time (e.g. three, six or 12 months).

What happens if a customer wants to cancel or pause their subscription, or you want to sell large amounts (e.g. five pounds a bacon per order)?

Billing becomes more complex and complicated.

As important, your accounting or billing platform can struggle to perform and support marketing and sales activities.

For companies with successful subscription businesses, growth is a blessing and a curse, although it’s better than the alternative.

At some point in time, the needs of your business outstrip your billing platform’s ability to perform.

Key features and functionality are missed or not as good as required.

Then, what?

Pick a better platform, right?

The problem is there are a huge number of options serving different types of customers.

The challenge is selecting one that meets your strategic and tactical goals. Ideally, it’s a platform that meets your needs today and tomorrow.

To provide insight into how to pick the right platform, we hosted a free Webinar on Dec. 2 at noon EST.

It featured an expert panel (Paul ChambersDarryl Hicks and Adam Levinter) who offered guidance on the key considerations and, as important, answered questions around:
- Plan management
- Dashboards and analytics
- Integrations
- Alternative payment toolsWatch the Webinar replay



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